The Last of Us - Remastered

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"What a fun, emotional, crazy night <3" - @neil_druckmann

"What a fun, emotional, crazy night <3" - @neil_druckmann

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tomlawson45 said: What do you think about Hugh Jackman or Dylan McDermott as Joel, and Ellen Page or Elle Fanning as Ellie? Searching for another die hard's thoughts on the matter...

I rather have someone play them for their acting skills than their looks. 

I think Ellen Page would be a horrible pick. Given that I haven’t seen much of a diversity from her(I’ve seen most of her movies!!!) I would say NO to her. 

Hugh, no, just no. even when I was watching Prisoners, I was getting Logan(Wolverine). 

I want someone to refresh us because after Ashley’s and Troy’s performance, someone needs to be around that level of acting. 

MY OPINION. Don’t get butthurt guys. 


I am so tired!

Longest day ever but the end of my day was amazing! 

I wish I had the energy to gif the shit out of One Night Live but I am too sleepy now! 

If you make gifs please send me messages to reblog them. Thank you and good night.  

I love you followers and TLOU community! :)


Stage rendition of the ‘Musical Ending’
The Last of Us: One Night Live

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jackdaw-captain said: is tlou doing another live stream?? if so do you have a link? thanks!

They haven’t announced another one. If anything I’ll post links! :D


Anonymous said: "This video is not available on mobile" I'm screaming I can't do this I had to work when it was streaming pls no

ooh snap…. I guess you’ll have to wait! :/



Tlou fandom right now be like 


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